History of the Project

How It All Started: The Idea

Our film’s story began on that tragic February night when a mixture of despair and defiance gripped a significant part of Russian society.

Russia’s last, best hope for a peaceful and lawful transition from authoritarianism to democracy had just been assassinated on a bridge leading to the Kremlin.

It became imperative that people around the world, no matter how closely they follow Russian politics, have a chance to learn both the story of Boris Nemtsov’s life and the impact of his death.

The faceless cowards who shot him in the back – and certainly those in power who directed, aided, and abetted the actual killers – wanted Nemtsov to fall silent.

Instead, his voice, the voice of real Russia, her conscience, and her honor thunders louder than ever before. This, the murderers failed to anticipate – or understand.

Our film is one of the attempts made since then to celebrate Boris Nemtsov’s struggle for democracy and vision of citizenship. But while other filmmakers have targeted the audiences in Russia and other former Soviet republics, we are specifically seeking to bring Nemtsov as he was and what he meant to a much wider public.

Yes, the film is a direct challenge to the dark forces standing athwart the progress of liberty. But instead of focusing on the minutiae of Russian political history – though the subject must inevitably be covered to some degree – we seek to emphasize personal choice and happiness as well as the meaning of life and inner freedom. These are universal values dear to the heart of every worthy human being.

We decided to base the film on Nemtsov’s own words, both written and spoken. Essentially, the story is told all by himself. We began to gather the materials relevant to the life and work of Boris Nemtsov almost immediately after his murder in February 2015.

Support We Got

We need your support to move this project forward. You can help with funds or by taking part directly in our project.

Literally from the first days of our work on the film dozens of people began to offer their help to search for new materials, write up grants, translate from Russian to English or to do any of the very many different tasks which go into film production.

It seems our film is becoming a real people’s project!

Join Us, Too!

Volunteers or donors, we are all people who are not indifferent to the public good. We are among those who decided to stand up in the way of corruption shamelessly accepted as the status quo, of low dealing and of bare-faced lies.

The story continues.

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