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Post-production is the phase during which the film is, in fact, born.

It is the time for ideas, concepts, fresh and archived footage and other materials, to be mixed together and poured into the melting pot of creative process.

What comes out of the dark editing room – a beautiful swan or an ugly duckling (and not of the adorable kind at that) – depends very much upon the editor and his ability to grasp the director’s intentions.

Film editing is a very painstaking and creatively intensive process which can take up to several years in some cases and includes:

• picture editing
• visual effects
• color correction
• music composition
• sound effects
• sound mixing

In addition to a video editor, at least three other people ore involved: a composer, a sound engineer, and a visual effects specialist. We plan to incorporate some animation and special effects, as well as an original score for music.

At the present moment (April 2022), we are in conversation with some highly accomplished film editors who already have under their belt a number of documentaries structurally and conceptually similar to our own.

Budget Targets

Marketing & Distribution

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