Who was Boris Nemtsov?

The ever-youthful political dynamo had the stamina, the brains, and the looks that made him the JFK of 1990s Russia…

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Why this is important

Contrary to popular opinion, Putin’s is not the only Russia. There is another Russia which has much in common with the West…

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History of the project

It all began on that tragic February night when a mixture of despair and defiance gripped a significant part of Russian society…

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This is your chance to make a difference and help spur the progress of freedom where it has long been impeded!…

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Working Sample Reviews

"Awesome, awesome! Great job! I was riveted to my seat the whole time. "

- Judy Faust ( Filmmaker )

"It was very eye opening to see this perspective on Russian politics. The story you is very haunting and compelling..."

- Bryce Kanzer ( Composer, sound designer )

"It's so refreshing to watch a true, non-propagandist documentary. I loved the scenes I saw. It's so poignant to see young and optimistic Nemzov. This director does a very important work."

- Elena Telingater ( Film critic, “Screen and Stage” newspaper )

"Very quickly, I was seduced by (Nemtsov) and felt a connection to someone who was above the ordinary... extraordinary. ...show him as a man of great courage and outrage, someone who is willing to take risks and to speak out in spite of danger."

- Judy McCarthy ( Audience Member )

"It is an absolutely brilliant and powerful story. I was glued to it from the outset. This is such important work to see"

- Norman Lang ( Director, Cinematographer, Editor )



Pre-production is mostly planning and writing since both the creative and the administrative aspects must be scripted…


Production is the actual “roll camera” time. Due to the nature of our film, it is expected to be fairly brief, though still intense…


Post-production is the “birth” phase of filmmaking when all the disparate elements are joined to create a unified whole…

Marketing & Distribution

The work is done. The film is finished. How will it reach the audience?…

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Become a Volunteer

The real benefit of volunteering here is a one-of-a-kind experience. If you are ready for that, hop on board for a journey to create…
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