Marketing & Distribution

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Marketing and Distribution

Although the filmmaking journey ahead is long and arduous, we already have to think of future screenings, presentations, and media.

Our goal is to tell Boris Nemtsov’s story to as many people as possible, not just in North America, but on other continents as well.

We have no doubt that his story will not leave indifferent any person for whom the values of freedom, justice, and humanity are fundamental, regardless of which country they live in and what language they speak.

For initial exposure, public television seems the most appropriate distribution mode. We will create two versions: a 57-minute one for TV, and a standard 90-minute one to show at festivals. We plan to present it at no fewer than fifty festivals all over the world.

After the television release, we will post an abridged version online for universal access. A full version will be made available for streaming from our website and some additional self-distribution platforms.

We intend to share the resulting revenue with foundations and other organizations that continue to carry on Boris Nemtsov’s torch of enlightenment and human rights activism.

We also believe our film will be in demand in academic circles. Young people who will be running the world of the next fifty years should be able to see in Mr. Nemtsov the leader, humanist, and statesman who can inspire them to lead their lives along the lines set by his own example.

We hope this documentary, born of passion for individual liberty and admiration for a man who died defending it, will find a place not only on the screens of cinemas, television sets, and computers, but also in the hearts of our viewers.

As you can see, we have some concrete and even detailed marketing and distribution plans, though they will be fully formed only by the end of post-production, given that film distribution is a very dynamic and constantly evolving industry. In the meantime, we are in touch with several PR firms specializing in this particular field.

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