Research & Development

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Research and Development Moving Right Along

R&D is a highly intensive and somewhat mysterious part of filmmaking which can take up more than a year.

It is intensive because of the need to go over and work through a huge amount of information in order to create film-building blocks. The materials are not always available and are often hard to find: books, interviews, video clips, analysis, etc.

It is mysterious because, at the moment, we can only assume where, when, and to whom we can show our film. To answer these and other questions, we have to make a thorough research of the film market. At this early stage, we basically have the idea which, to us, seems extremely important and inspiring.

But could we transfer our enthusiasm to potential viewers? Why would they even want to watch our film? Will we be able to obtain the necessary visual materials, will the participants agree to grant us interviews, and is there enough information in libraries and archives? What is the distribution model once all the film work is done?

All these and numerous other questions must be answered before actual production begins.

Budget Targets

Marketing & Distribution

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The filmmaking journey ahead is long and arduous, we already have to think of …

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Post-production is the phase during which the film is, in fact, born.

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Production is the execution phase of the filmmaking process…

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