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Production is the execution phase of the filmmaking process. Here, the camera actually makes its first appearance.

Once the script is finalized, the story board is complete, the list of interviewees is set, the shooting list is mastered, all equipment is booked, and the crew is hired, we should be ready for principal photography.

Because our film is 90% archive-based, the production period itself is expected to be brief. We plan to film on location in Moscow, Yaroslavl, and Nizhny Novgorod. These clips will form the so-called b-roll, supplemental footage intercut with the main (which, in our case, is to be made up of archived video).

We intend to record several interviews with political scientists, economists, and just people whom Boris Nemtsov had worked or been friends with. The list of these individuals is still being confirmed as of December 2016.

The archives we hope to make use of during production are in the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and Israel. Such additional archival research is very expensive and labor-intensive work requiring time and patience.

Budget Targets

Marketing & Distribution

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The filmmaking journey ahead is long and arduous, we already have to think of …

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Post-production is the phase during which the film is, in fact, born.

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In addition to the “creative” issues, Pre-production includes a no less important…

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